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Fast Food: Broccoli Salad

This is really simple, but it’s the only way I’ve been serving broccoli lately. It’s just broccoli so don’t be expecting any fancy hoo-ha. All credit for this recipe must go to a fantastic BBQ joint in Brooklyn called Fette Sau. It’s trendy in that nonchalant way, which is sometimes irritating. But what’s more irritating [...]

Mussels with Wheat beer, Bratwurst and Sorrel

I assembled this dish mostly in honour of the marathon beer-drinking season known as Oktoberfest. But also because sorrel is my current herb obsession, and I know that sorrel and mussels is an outstanding combination. Sorrel is lemony while maintaining a smoothness of flavour, it’s a really interesting and under-utilised herb. Adding to this, we [...]

Dieting and YOU! (I mean me!)

As of late, I’ve undertaken a bit of turn, diet-wise. I’ve turned into a “don’t eater”. Yeah I’m one of those people who advises you on your diet like a freaking expert.  It pops out of my mouth and I realise that nobody cares about carbs and I feel bad for being a bossy jerk. [...]

Bacon Wrapped Stout & Cheddar Meatloaf

I don’t have much to add about this meatloaf that the title doesn’t convey – it sure ain’t yer Mom’s meatloaf.  I think I’ve liked the ketchup more than the actual meat-thing in previous encounters with meatloaf, but this one was a few notches above any of those. In fact it popped a hefty flavour [...]

Fresh Ketchup

My husband loves steak. He loves pan sauce with it. I also love steak but I find that a meat-juice based gravy to be too rich. I like a well marbled steak and I needed something jumpier to temper the fat, and mustard alone, proverbially, didn’t seem to cut it. I am also far too [...]

Morel Schintzels

I scored some fresh morels earlier this week. Seems they are in season. The more you know… Having never tasted morels I wanted to prepare them simply. They have little honeycomb ridges on them, like a vegan version of tripe. I figure that those little ridges would be the perfect carrier for breading, so the [...]

Spam Musubi

Ok, this dish is my new obsession. If this is what all food is like in Hawaii then put me on a plane and whack a lei over my head cause I am sold. From my limited understanding of things, Musubi is out-of-hand food in Hawaii. Put simply, it’s rectangular spam nori maki (sushi roll). It’s the perfect [...]

Fast Food: Almond Butter

Peanut butter; the most ubiquitous of nut butters, is a slippery beast. Both literally and symbolically. Not being raised on the stuff like most Americans have, we’ve lately been searching for the ultimate peanut butter. There is a laundry list of requirements: all natural, not too thin, not too thick, silky smooth, peanutty but not [...]


I’ve been threatening to make scones for a long time. A proper English scone is a thing of beauty. I guarantee that any scone available in the USA is not a proper English scone. Some come close, but I’ve never had a decent one Particularly due to the odd triangular shape that they come in. [...]


The boys that I babysit love congee. Their mother brought some home from the local Chinese restaurant the other day and I had some for the first time in ages.  I forgot how comforting and delicious a simple dish of rice porridge could be. I love it when food pops back into my field of [...]