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4 Cheese Macaroni with Truffle Mushroom Topping

Please excuse my lack of posting. Lots of elements have combined lately that have decimated my desire to cook (and style & photograph & write witty notes about) anything worth posting here. I won’t bore you with the details, but I assure you there will be more recipes in the coming months. Please also excuse [...]

Shepherd’s Pie

Growing up, shepherds pie was a concoction of flabby mashed potato and seasoned beef mince under. Sorry Mum, I loved all your other food but I could never get behind shepherds pie. I had a half a joint of roast lamb sitting about left over from dinner last night. After some sandwiches I wondered what [...]

Fast Food: Guacamole

This is authentic guacamole. If you already know how to make this, tune out now. If you don’t, then make it and be converted forever. It’s more of a chunky salad than a dip, with surprises in texture and flavour through the chunks of avocado and pieces of juicy sweet tomato. Enjoy with some home [...]

Osso Bucco

Best casserole ever. It’s easy, it’s impressive (veal is naturally impressive by virtue of it’s rarity alone!), it’s Italian, it’s tender and rich and has gelatinous bone marrow to suck out. It’s great for entertaining as you simply cannot overcook it, it just sits in the oven and tenderises more and more. I serve it [...]

Coffee Rubbed Chateaubriand with Bitter Chocolate Sauce

So the coffee in this dish acts like a spice. Charring brings out all the complicated dark flavours that are not desirable in your morning cup, but work terribly well here. The dark chocolate sauce is spiked with rosemary and is made lip smackingly savoury by the addition of some good stock. It’s simple, but [...]

Fast Food: Savoury Steel Cut Oats

I do not have a sweet tooth. I appreciate a lovely dessert, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll take the cheese plate over the creme brulee, s’il vous plait. I never ever crave anything sweet for breakfast, but I do really enjoy oats. So this is a fantastic way to enjoy oats for those [...]


One of my buddies’ Lebanese Mama is famous for this tabbouleh. My friend brought it to every BBQ or event where a donation of food was required and it was always the first thing to go. I watched her make it once and so now I have some kickass authentic Lebanese Mama tabbouleh skills. This [...]

Sausages in Onion Gravy

This is a real at-home classic dish. It’s also one that I have honed and perfected through the years. It’s rich and unctuous and peppery, with the onions all sweet and soft.  It is always a crowd pleaser. My secret weapon in this sauce is a teaspoon of Vegemite. Americans might find it difficult to [...]

Weekly Web Crawling – 30th September

Medium Raw – A Review by a Frienemy – Michael Ruhlman gives a reluctantly raving review to Anthony Bourdain’s new book, but a more tempered review on the man himself. After reading this I wonder if they are actually friends, or rivals, or both? The Sydney Morning Herald – There’s a mouse in my loaf! [...]

Make your own: Mint Sauce

For the Americans among my readers, Mint Sauce with Lamb is probably one of the only true Australian meals. I think it’s eaten in the UK as well, but with far less regional fervour. Toss out any pre-conceived notions you have about mint sauce/jelly. It’s not artificial Alien green, it’s not wobbly. Mint sauce is [...]