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Fast Food: Raw Beet, Goat Cheese & Mint Salad

Eating beets raw is the best thing. They are sweet, crisp and earthy. I love amazingly saturated colours so the cool beet red really makes me smile. Grouped with bright green mint and clear white goats cheese, it always looks amazing on the table. You’ll never want to cook a beetroot again. Grated raw beet [...]

Potatoes Two Ways

I’ve recently made potatoes in two of my most favourite ways. The two recipes following occupy opposite ends of the potato spectrum. They are very disparate, but equally delicious.¬†We have the crisp baked hasselbacks on one end, and the creamy soft potato au gratin on the other. These dishes pay credence to the versatility of [...]

Dr Pepper Red Beans

I’m all for food gimmicks. Anything lowbrow, vulgar or trashy I am all over. So I like cooking with soft drinks. This recipe is partly inspired by a book that one of my dear friends brought back from the USA for me a while ago (while I still lived in Australia) – a cookbook full [...]