Fast Food: Almond Butter

by leah

Peanut butter; the most ubiquitous of nut butters, is a slippery beast. Both literally and symbolically. Not being raised on the stuff like most Americans have, we’ve lately been searching for the ultimate peanut butter. There is a laundry list of requirements: all natural, not too thin, not too thick, silky smooth, peanutty but not bland, a little sweetness but not too much. Most of all I wanted to avoid the hydrogenated fats and corn syrup that seems to be present in many brands of commercial peanut butters. Seems that’s a difficult task as we have bought 4 jars of the stuff recently and it’s all been woefully inadequate. I see a lot of satay sauce in my future.

But… this post is about almond butter, not peanut butter. As an anaesthetic to our peanut butter woes I am proud to present a batch of almond butter. It’s the simplest thing ever. It’s great on bananas, also on cereal and on toast. It also feels honest and homey like a jar of Jif never can, particularly if you store it in a mason jar with a hand written label

Makes between 3/4 and 1 cup.

  • 1.5 cups raw unpasteurised almonds.
  • Optional: Pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, tablespoon inert vegetable oil

Put the almonds into your food processor and whiz them until they pass grainy and enter into pastey territory.

If they are a bit old they might need a dash of oil to get them going. This will take some time – maybe 10 minutes. Once they are a paste (I like mine chunky) taste and add salt and sugar to your palates requirements. I find I only need a small amount of both. Store in the fridge. It doesn’t last for long so don’t  make a giant batch unless you’re going to eat it within the next couple of weeks.