Dieting and YOU! (I mean me!)

by leah

As of late, I’ve undertaken a bit of turn, diet-wise. I’ve turned into a “don’t eater”. Yeah I’m one of those people who advises you on your diet like a freaking expert.  It pops out of my mouth and I realise that nobody cares about carbs and I feel bad for being a bossy jerk. If this has happened to you, I’m truly sorry. But you still need to stop eating pasta.

While I am in pretty good shape for the first time in my life, all this has led to a sore case of the neglect-a-blogs. When one is on a diet, nothing you eat really seems interesting enough to extol to others. More vegetables? Woo.

However, a trip to New York with some other foodie friends refreshed my desire to write about and artfully photograph what I eat, then pin it up on the Great Wall of the Internet, next to the LOLcats and bewbs and inane facebook updates. So keep checking back, I might actually have new content.