Fast Food: Purist Spaghetti Carbonara

by leah

A quick one this afternoon to prove that simple is often best. This dish is cooked and on the table in 20 minutes (5 if you’re using leftover pasta – which I really do recommend – I always cook too much) Carbonara is best like this without the bacon and parsley and cream.  It showcases the pure egg flavour and texture so well.

I eat this for brunch sometimes as it’s very eggy and carby. I’ve always eaten leftover pasta for breakfast as I am an odd fish, but this seems quite fitting.

Ingredients - just eyeball them, no time for measuring cups – Makes one serving.

Spaghetti for one (uncooked or leftover, whatever you have)
2 Eggs
Small handful of grated cheese (melty full flavoured like tallegio is best, though not traditional. Parmesan is standard)
Wee bit of butter if using leftover pasta

Cook spaghetti in plenty of boiling seawater-briny water for 10 minutes or until al dente. If using leftover pasta, heat in a frypan in a bit of butter. While pasta is cooking, assemble in a bowl: fork beaten eggs, cheese and lots of salt & pepper.  Toss the egg mixture through the hot cooked pasta, marvelling at how the eggs and cheese combine to create a silky gooey sauce. Serve, with extra salt and pepper available if needed

The ultimate counter to I-am-too-tired-from-the-gym-work-partying-it’s-late-lets-just-order-pizza-itis.
The end. Delicious.