I’m a home cook with a bit of culinary training.
I am currently a stay-at-home wife for a very appreciative husband.
I live in San Francisco and I’m surprised to say that after 5 months here (even without my family and friends) I don’t think I ever want to live anywhere else.
I use big words and run on sentences, but I hope you’ll forgive me. Food is a subject where I am prone to rambling.
I don’t like Nigella Lawson, but I love the 2 Fat Ladies.
I’ll eat anything, but I’ll only eat it again if it’s delicious.
I am a developing writer, a dreadful photographer and a damn good cook.
So join me as I share my recipes and stories with you. I’d like to think my recipes are not just sets of ingredients and instructions, but the notes in the margins that make good food great.